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Word Counter - count words and chars

Count words, characters, sentences and line breaks: the tool allows you to count all words and characters in a text. Just type in your text in the form below and you will get a real-time analysis of the word and character count.

What is a Word Counter?

With a Word Counter the number of words in a text can be counted. Many of these tools also include the number of characters, number of sentences and number of breaks. The numbers are often calculated and displayed in real time as soon as text is entered in the input field.

Word Counters are handy tools when it comes to maintaining an exact text length. This is useful for example when writing Twitter tweets (maximum 140 characters long) or snippets for Google (maximum 160 characters). But also for authors of scientific papers, online articles or blog postings Word Counters can be essential, because often a minimum length has to be reached.

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