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JSON Formatter - beautify JSON objects

The JSON Formatter displays JSON objects beautifully, making them easier to read. For example, JSON data is the result of REST API calls and often without line breaks and formatting whitespace. This makes it difficult to understand and debug them. With this tool, the data is presented in a clearly structured way. The JSON is also validated during processing.
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What is JSON?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is a compact data format in an easily readable text form. It is used, for example, to persist structured data or to exchange information between applications. Especially for web applications and mobile apps it is very often used in connection with JavaScript, for example when using REST services.

JSON is independent of the programming language in which it is used. Thus, programs developed in different programming languages can communicate with each other using JSON. It is only important that the various JSON parsers adhere to the conventions of the JSON format.

Data can be nested arbitrarily deep in a JSON object. In this way, very complex JSON structures can be created. In order to ensure that such JSON objects remain readable for humans, proper formatting by indentations and line breaks is used. It makes sense to use a tool like the JSON formatter for this purpose. A JSON object formatted in this way is also called pretty printed JSON.

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