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Kebab Case Converter

The kebab case converter converts text to lowercase while replacing spaces by dashes. This notation is also called hyphen case. Using this tool allows converting text in SEO- and UNIX-friendly file names. To get the results, the entered text needs to be submitted.
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What is Kebab Case?

In kebab case, all letters are written in lower case and the words are separated by a hyphen or minus sign. "Kebab Case" becomes "kebab-case". The hyphen makes it look as if the words had been impaled on a skewer - like the meat pieces or vegetables on a kebab skewer. The kebab notation is often used as a convention for naming filenames. As a convention for the notation of identifiers in programming languages, kebab case is often inaapropriate because the minus sign is usually the subtraction operator. CamelCase or snake_case is the best choice here.

Example for Kebab Case

InputThe Kebab Case Converter converts text to Kebab Case.

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