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Simple Letter Scrambler

The letter scrambler swaps two letters in each word of an entered text, if the word is longer than four characters. As a result, a text is displayed, in which many words are misspelled. Thus, it is more difficult to read than the original text. As, in longer words, only two letters are reversed, the original words can still be easily guessed. The letter scrambler thus lends itself very well for spelling exercises in which it comes to finding errors in a text, and to correct it. It can also be used to check how well someone can read, as a trained reader should be able to read a text containing reversed letters very quickly.
Results will be displayed here.

Example for scrambled letters in the words of a text

InputThe characters in the words of this sentence are switched!
OutputThe crharactes in the wdors of tihs scentene are sewitchd!

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