MD5 Hash Generator

Python: Create MD5 hash with hashlib

In Python you can calculate MD5 hashes with the already existing hashlib module. Just import "hashlib" and create a new object with md5().

import hashlib m = hashlib.md5()

With the update() function, you can now assign a message to the object. Attention: multiple update() calls will concatenate the together and don't replace it:

m.update("Message to be hashed")

The digest respectivly hash value is then calculated automatically. To get the hexadecimal representation of the hash, just call the hexdigest() function:


In this example, the hash value "416b158b5c706ca67301c2dbecaaf235" is the result.

Shorter example for hash calculation

You can also use a shortened notation to calculate an MD5 hash in Python:

import hashlib hashlib.md5("Message to be hashed").hexdigest()

Other Implementations